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Rixlie Fozilova
Freelance Writer with a passion for Environment and Science. New article every Friday. Join my daily climate newsletter at
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I have been writing on Medium and growing my following for the past six months. I am loving the experience where I get to sit down and write something new every week.

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April 2021:

“I’ve been here for the past two hours and every single person got rejected. I don’t think anyone will get a visa today.”

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My overall Work From Home experience improved, so here’s how you can achieve the same on a tight budget.

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United States ED

  • Miami is to build a giant sea wall to protect the state from the rising environmental challenges.
  • Protests are going on in Fairy Creek, one of Canada’s ancient forests. …

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Unexpected Damages

Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida in 1992 and damaged more than 1.3 million households, leaving increased divorce rates and PTSD in its wake. The main destruction were the high winds, averaging between 130–140 mph. The storm cost United States almost $27.3 billion in damages.

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Illegal Deforestation

Rixlie Fozilova

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