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Rixlie Fozilova
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I have been writing on Medium and growing my following for the past six months. I am loving the experience where I get to sit down and write something new every week.

However, I struggle with imposter syndrome when it comes to submitting my work to publications, especially…

The stress of the process can make or break it for anyone who tries.

April 2021:

“I’ve been here for the past two hours and every single person got rejected. I don’t think anyone will get a visa today.”

This blood-curdling message came from a short, stout woman in her late 60s, who elbowed her way to the beginning of the line to enter the Embassy of the United States of America.

I watched her press a small buzzer attached to a metal door of formidable size. …

A growing network of marine experts is launching a comprehensive experiment to study how anthropogenic noise influences marine life.

Scientists have long established human-induced industrial activity’s significant effect on the environment, weather patterns, habitat, and biodiversity around the world.

Now, a growing network of marine experts is launching a comprehensive experiment to study how anthropogenic noise influences marine life.

In particular, a recent study published by the Science Magazine declared that massive population decline in sound-producing animals and the increasing noise from vessels, active sonar, and artificial disturbances are rapidly changing the interdependent underwater ecosystem.

Now, in response to these…

My overall Work From Home experience improved, so here’s how you can achieve the same on a tight budget.

Organizing is my go-to meditation. I use it to clear my head, blow off steam, or brainstorm ideas. Give me a messy room to sort through and I will be happy.

I likewise enjoy watching organizational shows. Seeing people’s lives transform after a simple clean-up or organizational technique is inspiring and motivational.

I also love exploring new methods I could make my life more organized and efficient, especially on a budget (I am a recent grad after all). I watched the Marie Kondo show on Netflix and loved the method of leaving only the belongings that sparked joy.

I was…

An attempt to explain what crypto mining is and its effect on the environment.

Ever since cryptocurrencies came around, I never bothered to learn more about the mysterious technology. Considering I decided to specialize in environmental science, the whole concept just went over my head whenever anybody tried to share crypto news with me.

Obviously, I got the currency part and its importance to our future, especially considering that El Salvador became the first country to accept Bitcoin as currency last week.

However, how do cryptocurrencies actually work?

I googled that and here is what I got:

Cryptocurrency is an…

Short and juicy news in the climate change realm.

Around 265 million years ago, much of modern-day Texas was underwater, and the vast region known as the Permian Basin was a flourishing coral reef.

Today, the organisms that once thrived there have been transformed into enormous deposits of fossil fuels — and they have made the area one of the most treacherous front lines in President Joe Biden’s domestic fight against climate change.

The US oil and gas industry has pinned much of its future hopes on the region, especially in the next decade: If it gets its way, the…

Leave the bees alone and switch to this easy and sustainable by-product

Bees are the tiny, annoying insects that ruin picnics and make crowds scatter right? Don’t they pollinate flowers and produce honey as a by-product?

Why can’t we just eat what they don’t need? After all, we let them do what they do and they don’t mind sharing.

This attitude created the modern beekeeping industry which has been exploiting bees throughout ages.

Honey bees — wild and domestic — perform about 80 percent of all pollination worldwide. A single bee colony can pollinate 300 million flowers each day.


Short and juicy news in the climate change realm

The amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere has reached its annual peak, climbing to 419 parts per million (ppm) in May beating all-time records comparable only to the atmospheric levels of 4.5 million years ago.

United States ED

  • Miami is to build a giant sea wall to protect the state from the rising environmental challenges.
  • Protests are going on in Fairy Creek, one of Canada’s ancient forests. …

Climate change does not look like a future problem anymore. The repercussions have to be dealt with immediately.

Climate change hasn’t been news to Miami, Florida. The South Eastern state experienced severe damages due to the devastating storms that have been frequenting the Atlantic in the past three decades.

Unexpected Damages

Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida in 1992 and damaged more than 1.3 million households, leaving increased divorce rates and PTSD in its wake. The main destruction were the high winds, averaging between 130–140 mph. The storm cost United States almost $27.3 billion in damages.

Then, Hurricane Charley happened in 2004, rounding…

A far-reaching investigation by Earthsight in South America has revealed how a football pitch-sized area of forest is cleared every two minutes in Paraguay.

The clearances are driven by the need to generate space for cattle ranchers to supply the global auto industry with leather and the insatiable international meat industry with provision.

Illegal Deforestation

Rixlie Fozilova

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